Friday, 28 January 2011

Carers Poverty Protest

The Carers Poverty Protest is rapidly growing in momentum.
Not only are Carer Centres advertising it in their newsletters, but it is also on Carer and Disability websites, notably the PRTC (2 seperate articles),CUK, Crossroads, The National Pensioners Convention, Parkinson's etc.
We are in constant touch with 70 Centres, who in turn are in touch with others, many organising coaches to London for the day.
We have had a lot of interest for our cause from all party MP's, some of whom are planning on coming over to speak and some who have agreed to support the Question we hope to have asked in Prime Ministers Question Time.
We also have a film crew who will be filming the Protest, so bring your best smile along with your banner!
The on line version of the petition
is doing well and will be printed out in good time to be handed in to Downing Street
along with all the paper petitions which have gone out countrywide.
They will be handed in on the day by a group of 6 people, plus press and MP's, two of whom are George and  his Mum, known on the CUK forum as 'The Old Doll'. George was the original 'instigator' of the Protest.

The Edinburgh Protestors will arrive outside the Scottish Parliament at 1.45pm for a rally with celebrity speakers followed by a Lobby of the MSP's. John Swinburne, leader of the Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party and former MSP, has very kindly agreed to support the march in Edinburgh and to speak at the rally.