Friday, 28 January 2011

Circle of Support

Circles Network Wales is a national organisation that supports people with learning difficulties, their families, friends and organisations across Wales to develop Circles of Support. We also work on a number of other projects that focus on building an inclusive society and empowering disabled people to achieve their ambitions.
Circles of Support in Pembrokeshire
The Circles Network has had some success in other counties and Lyndsay's post is a scheme set up to give people in Pembrokeshirethe opportunity to learn about Circles Network and to try and set up circles of support around people with learning difficulties giving them a chance to try forming a circle if they so wish. Lyndsay has already started working with several families who are trying to create a circle of support around their son or daughter in Pembrokshire.

Lyndsay Bone, Pembrokeshire Facilitator is based in Pembrokeshire, Lyndsay supports Families/Carers of people with learning difficulties across Pembrokeshire who want to start their own Circle of Support. This enables the families to receive more support and for individuals to combat social exclusion. Within Pembrokeshire, due to a recent funding success, we are pleased to announce that our remit also now encompasses children and young people with mental health differences and their carers/families.
                         or Tel: 01348 831056  mobile: 07970 604165     
Or check out the circles web site for more information: