Friday, 28 January 2011

Rowan Organisation

Direct Payments and the Rowan Organisation in Pembrokeshire

It is a cash payment made to you directly so that you can buy and organise your own help and support rather than having social Services arranging or providing you with a service. It is this cash payment that presents you with choices and allows you the flexibility to plan what you actually need. There are some people with learning Disabilities who have special needs where the present Day Services, Family Aide provided, and planned Respite Care, and available help and support simply don't fit their own particular needs. For e.g. People with challenging behavior, Autism, medical problems or simply someone who would like to lead their life they way they would like to. Some Parent/Carers have said they are very satisfied with the Day Services provided but that the Respite Care available does not suit their own son or daughter's needs. Direct Payments can be used like a pick and mix and would allow you to purchases your Respite Care separately from Day Care and other services. For some Parent /Carers their son or daughters needs are not met by any of the above (because they don't fit into a particular slot they have no support at all) and they badly need help and support tailored to suit their own individual circumstances and needs.
Direct Payments could be the answer.

Some money has now been made available from the Welsh Assembly to carry out this scheme. But for many people this would be an extremely daunting process to start or organise. The Rowan Organisation can help you to find out more about The Direct Payment Scheme and help and support you to; to recruit, employ and manage your own staff, organise their working hours and duties, complete staff time sheets, pay rolls and accounts and ensure that the Direct Payment money buys the help you need and that the schemes formal procedures are followed. You have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. If you would like further information about The Rowan Organisation and about how to access the local support team please contact.

The Rowan Centre
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Tel. Free phone 0800 7831755
Elaine Nicholas is now working as the new Independent Living Adviser (I.L.A.) on Direct Payments in Pembrokeshire. Her colleague David Evans also an (I.L.A.), works in the county of Carmarthen and Project manager, Carole Kulman and another (I.L.A) Veronica Lewis is working in the county of Ceredigion, and they are all representatives of the Rowan Organisation. Based in Warwickshire, it is a growing organisation that has been successfully providing services in and around the county to disabled people for over twenty - five years.
What then is a direct payment?